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Bracelet Details

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver,Black(as shown in the picture)

Size: 24.74*3.05cm*6mm(Thick)(approximately)

Weight: about 170g

Description of Tools

# 2 square screwdriver.

1/4 adapter plug.

1/4 screwdriver.

1/8 screwdriver.

3/32 screwdriver.

3/16 screwdriver.

3/32 hexagon screwdriver.

1/8 hexagonal screwdriver.

3/16 hexagonal screwdriver.

1/4 hexagonal screwdriver.

3/16 hexagonal screwdriver.

4 mm hexagonal screwdriver.

3 mm hexagonal screwdriver.

5 mm hexagonal screwdriver.

6 mm hexagonal screwdriver.

3/16 MM key tube.

Hook cut, bottle opener.

Oxygen oxygen cylinder.

Carburi broke the windows.

Dial / SIM card tool.

3/16 key tube.

5/16 inch screwdriver.

1/4 MM key tube.

3/8 MM key tube.

6 mm hollow key.

8 MM key tube.

10 MM socket wrench.

# 1-2 + Screwdriver.

# 1 + Screwdriver.

# 2 + screwdriver.


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